Monthly Archives: November 2019

Animal-Assisted Therapy

So, what does it entail to become a therapy dog? We are animal lovers here at the Miller-Dwan Foundation and we understand the importance of having our furry friends as our partners in healthcare. In March, we adopted an Australian Cattle Dog names Lou Ann, in hopes of her being our therapy-dog-in-training and ambassador for […]

The Doctor is Still In

From artificial intelligence, insurance on demand and virtual reality, healthcare is changing. I recently attended a day-long Future of Health conference that suggests, as we already know, that things are changing at break neck pace. These changes, however, might not be as scary as we fear. Let’s talk artificial intelligence. I recently heard that DARPA, […]

National Philanthropy Day

Today is National Philanthropy Day, a day to celebrate the extraordinary impact that philanthropy has had in our world. It is a day that celebrates the charitable work that makes a difference and creates change in communities.   Right here in our own community, you are changing lives.   Some examples of how your gifts […]

Superior Wisconsin’s Barriers to Mental Health Care

Poor Reimbursement Many U.S. citizens face significant mental health barriers based on where they live. If you’re a Minnesotan, for example, the government will pay more for your mental health care than it would if you live in Wisconsin. This has been a real problem for Wisconsin where low reimbursement rates lead to the closure […]

Super One Foods Annual Promotion Supports Solvay Hospice House

Super One Foods Promotion Supports Solvay Hospice House In celebration of National Hospice Month, and for the twelfth consecutive year, Super One Foods and the Miller-Dwan Foundation are partnering to raise funds for Solvay Hospice House. From November 3-23, 2019, sixteen regional Super One stores will be selling $1 paper house ornaments for customers to […]