Burn Services

Caring for the physical and emotional impacts of burn injuries.

The team of physicians, nurses, therapists, social workers and dieticians in Burn Services works with patients and their families as they go through burn injury care and recovery. It is their goal to help each patient gain back as much of their life as possible after a burn.

In-depth, specialized and absolutely necessary

The 15-bed regional Burn Services facility has a long history of in-depth care. As a 5-Star award winner for patient satisfaction, it is one of the only highly specialized burn services facilities in the upper tier of the United States, a true distinction for our region.

Supporting Burn Services

A gift to the Miller-Dwan Foundation designated to Burn Services guarantees that this unique, critical care service remains in our region. Your gift will support:

Specialized Equipment. Advances in burn treatment change rapidly. To provide the best outcomes for patients, the latest equipment and cutting-edge care programs are a must.

Education. The unprecedented quality of burn care lets people know they are in the best hands. That starts with specially trained staff who work with patients of all ages to overcome their greatest challenges.

Compassionate Care. The level of dedication to care is difficult to put into words—providers here pour their hearts and souls into their patients.

Burn Services, FAQs

Burns can be minor medical problems or life-threatening emergencies. They are caused by an injury to the skin from heat, cold, electricity, chemicals or radiation. They can affect skin, lungs, and the whole body. All burns can have an impact on how someone feels and moves.

(Source: mayoclinic.org)

Many burns are minor and can be treated at home. Major or serious burns require treatment in the hospital. Burn injuries can require physical rehabilitation and scar management. Emotional recovery can last long after the burn has healed.

(Source: mayoclinic.org)

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