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The Miller-Dwan Foundation, with our independent community medical focus, has been making a serious impact on the region’s health since 1973. Our supporters see their gifts touch lives beyond hospital walls. So that the youngest and oldest among us can recover from injuries and illnesses. Caregivers can work wonders. And families can find dignity, hope, and healing. In so many ways, we exist to support our region’s health.

Stories of Impact

Celebrate Doctors
March 29, 2021
Making Your Mark
March 15, 2021
Your Brain on Pain: The Science of Pain Education
January 8, 2021

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Places of Transformation

A charitable project of Miller-Dwan Foundation, Amberwing is a one-of-a-kind setting for children and teens who are experiencing mental health or substance abuse issues. It provides life-saving hope for youth and teaches families skills for supporting one another in healthy ways. It offers resources to medical providers and the community at large. And it wouldn’t exist without donor support. Hear the stories and learn more.

A charitable project of Miller-Dwan Foundation, this residential hospice house helps people at the end of life to spend their time in the most meaningful ways. Unique to our region, Solvay is a place of dignity, comfort and peace. A place for reconciliation and remembering. A place where patients, families and friends are supported. Hear the stories and learn more.