At Amberwing-Center for Youth and Family Well-Being, children and families experience the best possible short-term intensive mental health and substance use treatment available, learning lifelong skills that help them heal.


Being part of such healing work is a privilege. Every practitioner and every staff person – from therapist to cook––is passionate about what they do and why they do it. That passionate commitment is why Amberwing works. From infant to child to young adult programming and beyond, every person served is valued for their unique strengths and recognized for their individual potential. But without continued support from individuals like you, many of Amberwing’s innovative therapies couldn’t happen.


Exterior of Amberwing facility


A gift to the Miller-Dwan Foundation, designated to Amberwing, transforms lives by guaranteeing that everyone we serve every child, every adolescent and young adult, and every family member will have the resources they need to discover what works best for them. Your gift will:

  • Restore balance through Music, Art, Movement, Pet and Occupational Therapies. Support for these programs, integrated into the bigger care approach, is vital to reaching youth. Music can be a child’s a voice. A dog can lend an ear. Anger and fear can be expressed and soothed through art. These special therapies bridge a gap to help families heal and grow
  • Reach out to families through the Amberwing Family Resource Center, a dynamic hub created in response to an overwhelming request from families for information, support and education. Free and open to everyone throughout the region, the Resource Center offers accessible program staff who work with families to help find the resources they need, in their time of need.
  • Preserve a healing environment Amberwing is part clinic, part hospital and completely unlike either one. Designed for holistic interaction and learning, the center fosters healing and growth. It is up to us to maintain this safe haven.

You can give children the power to live their dreams, achieve their potential and create a healthier community.

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