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Almost half of Americans will experience an episode of mental illness in their lives. Imagine a community where the stigma surrounding mental health is erased. Where trained advocates from all cultures and groups are equipped to help people with mental health issues. Where therapies and services are readily available. Where hope and healing flourish.

HopeX is Miller-Dwan Foundation’s revolutionary response to eliminating the mental health crisis in our region. It is a multi-phased approach that will see Miller-Dwan Foundation leading the way in implementing a holistic and comprehensive effort that involves: 

  • Collaborating with international partners such as the World Health Organization and Pan American Health Organization in the use of an evidence-based innovative model for the expansion and mobilization of a boots-on-the-ground mental health workforce.
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  • Improving access to proven therapies. 
  • Introducing new services. 
  • Addressing the dire need for mental health support in underserved portions of our region through the expansion of facilities.

The mental health crisis requires ongoing attention and the support of advocates and leaders. Miller-Dwan Foundation intends to be that leader and to gather advocates ready to put meaningful solutions to work.

HopeX Phase 1—Expanding the Workforce

Because of a severe mental health provider shortage, those needing a therapy appointment must wait, on average, 4 to 6 weeks. To address this shortage, Miller-Dwan Foundation has launched a program developed and tested by the World Health Organization called PM+. This evidence-based program is a scalable psychological intervention for those experiencing stress and anxiety specifically designed to expand and mobilize a boots-on-the-ground mental health workforce. 

Meet Zak Williams

passionate global mental health advocate

Zak Williams, mental health advocate, entrepreneur and son of actor and comedian Robin Williams, will be working alongside Miller-Dwan Foundation as we launch HopeX.

Your gift to Miller-Dwan Foundation supports the creation of a healthy, resilient region that is free from mental health crisis—be the force for good.

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Together we will realize our shared vision of a community free from mental health crisis.