Four Ways to Feel Better About Yourself (without exercise)

This is officially the winter that will never end. Shoveling and more shoveling, a sideways slide down the hilly avenue, and yet again, another day of boots, hats, mittens and scarves. It can get a little old. But the Miller-Dwan Foundation staff have a few strategies that might help.

  1. Try something new. I attended my first Thai Yoga session the other day. Joella, the owner of Jem Yoga kneaded and manipulated my body in unexpected ways that left me both relaxed and energized. Check it out here. The Miller-Dwan Foundation supports all kinds of alternative therapies from yoga and aromatherapy, to acupuncture and meditation. Buy a new scented oil or download the Headspace appfor a free trial. It might seem hard to get going, but you gotta do it, do it, do it. You’ll feel better. I promise.
  1. Rescue a critter, but only if you’re ready. All of us here at the Miller-Dwan Foundation love animals. And we’ve seen firsthand the power of animals to heal. A child struggling with mental health problems might talk with a cat instead of a human. A physical rehabilitation patient can throw a ball as part of their therapeutic work. If you have certified animal assisted therapy animal or want to explore the possibility, let us know. Otherwise, snuggle up with your four-legged and love them as much as they love you.
  1. The Finns weren’t wrong. The Essentia Health Fitness and Therapy Center offers day passes, and they have sauna. Think moist air and loose muscles – the opposite of winter. Partake in this traditional Finnish way of life, shower off and feel cleansed and refreshed. Nauttia jstk.
  1. Research shows, and I’m not making this up, people feel good when they give. Whether you make a charitable contribution because you want to help someone or because you want to improve your social status, psychologists say there’s a link between giving and the feel-good neurons in our brains. Check us out here, and you’ll find a generous list of worthy programs, departments and projects you can donate to. Large or small, your gift is guaranteed to give you a buzz.

What have you done this winter to feel better? Let us know. We’ll compile a list and post it on our Facebook page.

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