Respite Care at Solvay Hospice House

Sometimes people die at Solvay. Sometimes they go home. That’s because, in addition to providing the very best in humane and compassionate care for people at the end of life, Solvay also provides respite care for those enrolled in a hospice program.

Respite is just a fancy word for taking a break. Respite care provides short-term break for caregivers and those they are caring for at home. Because the Miller-Dwan Foundation recognizes the challenges of care giving and how critically important a break can be for body, mind and spirit, we’ve made respite care an important part of Solvay programming. At Solvay, respite care can be arranged for just an afternoon or for up to five days, based on availability and fit for the program. Just like end-of-life care, Solvay respite care brings with it, it’s highly-acclaimed health care expertise and the warm and welcoming environment of a home-like setting.

Jeanette used Solvay Hospice House’s respite services to visit her sister in Arizona.* Jeanette’s husband, Dan, had ALS and needed constant care. Solvay was perfect. At Solvay, they knew just was Dan needed, and Dan had the chance to rib the nurses to his heart’s content. “I get fed better here than I do at home,” joshed Dan. After four days apart, both Jeanette and Dan came back together more equipped to handle their life together.

So, whether a caregiver needs a day of rest or time to travel, Solvay respite programming offers peace-of-mind and can help make caring for yourself as important as caring for others.

For more information and for help determining the cost and insurance implications, contact Solvay Hospice House at (218) 529-3400.

*Names and location changed to protect confidentiality.

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