Have You Thought About Death and Dying?

I think about Solvay Hospice House and hospice services every day. But that’s probably only because I work at the Miller-Dwan Foundation. The Miller-Dwan Foundation owns the 12-bed Solvay Hospice House and works every day to assure that it and its care program will continue well into the future. Sustaining Solvay, however, is not the focus of my hospice thinking. When I think of Solvay, I think about how I want the end of my life to look. And not just the end of my life, but the end of my mother’s life, my brother’s life, my husband’s. While I hope my loved ones never need Solvay, I know it’s not realistic to believe they’ll die an immediate pain-free death. The truth is, most people linger a bit at the end. And most people–– those dying and those taking care of them –– could use some help.

If you need to be somewhere at the end of life, Solvay is, in my opinion, the place to be. At Solvay you can arrange to see your grandchildren one last time, you can you can eat what you want, you can sleep, visit or watch TV… or not. At Solvay the choice is yours. My mom might want a piece of mincemeat pie. She’ll get it at Solvay. My husband might want to sit on the porch watching the birds and the deer. He’ll have that chance. My brother will want his favorite music.

This is why I think of Solvay every day. I want people to die the way they want to die, having what they want, and living their best possible life right up to the very end.

I want that for my family; I want that for everyone.

The Miller-Dwan Foundation has raised $1.14 M to assure Solvay will be there when I need it and when you need it.

Our goal is $2 M and beyond. Those dollars will assure the continued beauty of the home and help those who would otherwise be unable to be at Solvay.

I get not wanting to think about death and the dying process, but I think we all should consider the possibility. How do you want to die? How do you want your loved ones to die? Think about it. Not every day like I do, but just today. And as you think about it, consider making a gift to the Miller-Dwan Foundation for the Solvay Hospice House Compassionate Care Legacy Fund. I, for one, simply cannot think of a better cause. And, if you’ve given, thank you. Caring in this way, for people at one of the most precious times in life, well, what a beautiful thing to do.

Author: Joan Oswald

Donor Relations and Grants Specialist, Miller-Dwan Foundation

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