Every moment, and every luxury, matters


Hospice house spa tubYou know that feeling you have after having been sick? Maybe you’ve been in bed for days or you’ve been trundling around in last week’s pajamas. You have no energy, and the last thing you feel like doing is dragging yourself to the shower. But when you finally do, you feel better.

At Solvay Hospice House, it’s the same. Because patient comfort is paramount, Solvay has, from the day it opened, included a spa room complete with a specialty spa tub. Made to gently lift a patient in and out of the tub, residents can, with the assistance of skilled nursing staff, enjoy soothing baths, aromatherapy and massage –– the true luxury of bathing.

Solvay is in its 11th year. Unlike other non-profit hospices throughout the state that have cut back or closed, we insist that Solvay’s care continues to nourish the social, emotional and spiritual aspects of life and that the home remains beautiful. That’s why the Miller-Dwan Foundation recently replaced Solvay’s spa tub with a newer version. At $20,349, it was a small price to pay. Because at the end of life, every moment counts, and every luxury, every dignity and opportunity to feel your best, matters.

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