It’s National Therapy Animal Day!

Betty, the New Caledonian tool-making crow. Chaser the Border Collie who understands 1000 words. And remember Flipper, television’s celebrity dolphin? Whether furry, feathered or fishy, animals have amazed our minds and soothed our souls for hundreds of centuries. They can play with us, work for us, and lend an ear when we need it most. Some are specially trained and some just…well, are, emitting a spirit of peace and delight.

When my mom lost my dad, their house certainly seemed empty. Thank goodness for Sadie, a grey and aging tabby cat. Mom had someone to care for and someone to talk to. Sadie hung on, it seemed, until my mom could handle her death. Even so, Mom says, losing Sadie, now stealthfully buried next to Dad, was one of the worst days of her life.

Today is National Therapy Animal Day. A day to celebrate and remember the animals in our lives. So, today, take a moment away from the chaos and away from the news to take comfort in your animal’s ability to expand your heart.

If you have a special four-legged you’d like to honor, we can help you do that. Go to to make your gift to the Miller-Dwan Foundation’s Animal- Assisted Therapy Fund. You and your pet will receive recognition in our annual report, and you’re dollars will promote animal-assisted therapy and healing for patients throughout our care area.

And learn more about Lou Ann, the Miller-Dwan Foundation therapy dog-in-training here.

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