Author: kerryjojohnson

2021 Year in Review

Here we are! 2021 is coming to a close and as we reflect on the past year, we are grateful, and in awe, of all that has happened. It’s been a wild ride and we are thankful that you’ve been by our side. Take a look back at some highlights from 2021. February Webinar Series […]

Drawing Close to Nature

08-04-2021 at 10:25 am… My dad lived on a farm for most of life. He came to Solvay Hospice House and the night before he died, a doe and her fawn were standing outside his sliding glass door in his room, looking in. Also, a skunk was noted outside at the same time, eating grass. My dad […]

Advance Care Planning Webinar

If you couldn’t speak for yourself, who would speak for you?  What have you discussed with your loved ones about the kind of care you would want, or maybe wouldn’t want in some situations? Watch this thought-provoking conversation about Advance Care Planning to learn vocabulary, reflect on what matters most to you, consider what some possible healthcare decisions may be, […]

More than Science

A patient nears death, and deer appear. A favorite bird alights atop the patio rail. At Solvay Hospice House, nature’s extraordinariness seems somehow ordinary. Nevertheless, when I talked with Kevin Rodlund, Solvay Hospice House Nurse Manager, about these stories, I was a little skeptical. Solvay Hospice House is beautifully situated on nine wooded acres in […]