Author: kerryjojohnson

Advance Care Planning Webinar

If you couldn’t speak for yourself, who would speak for you?  What have you discussed with your loved ones about the kind of care you would want, or maybe wouldn’t want in some situations? Watch this thought-provoking conversation about Advance Care Planning to learn vocabulary, reflect on what matters most to you, consider what some possible healthcare decisions may be, […]

More than Science

A patient nears death, and deer appear. A favorite bird alights atop the patio rail. At Solvay Hospice House, nature’s extraordinariness seems somehow ordinary. Nevertheless, when I talked with Kevin Rodlund, Solvay Hospice House Nurse Manager, about these stories, I was a little skeptical. Solvay Hospice House is beautifully situated on nine wooded acres in […]

Just Breathe and Trust

Just breathe and trust. This great piece of advice comes from Nena Johnson, Speech Language Pathologist at Polinsky Medical Rehabilitation Center, and can be helpful in just about every aspect of life. Nena has recently experienced the unimaginable loss of her son Reese, and her team at Polinsky wanted to do something to honor Reese […]

Meet Gabriela, Amberwing’s new Fellow

Having grown up in the Northland, I’ve always valued time spent in nature and found it important for one’s well-being. Working in the mental health field, I was also aware of Amberwing’s – Center for Youth & Family Well-Being work. In Fall of 2020, I began my final Master of Social Work (MSW) clinical internship […]