The power of partnership

The Miller-Dwan Foundation’s history of transformative projects, paired with our current vision of eliminating the mental health crisis in our region, has caught the attention of the global mental health leaders responsible for implementing PM+ around the world.

“Individually we are one drop, but together we are an ocean.”

—Ryunosuke Satoro

Global Mental Health Leaders

Through the Miller-Dwan Foundation’s partnership with The New School for Social Research and George Washington University, the Twin Ports is joining New York City as one of only two places in the United States implementing a comprehensive PM+ program. Countries successfully implementing PM+ include: Pakistan, Kenya, Nepal, Syria, Turkey and Colombia.

The New School for Social Research.

Students at The New School for Social Research (NSSR) conduct research and engage in dialogue with leading thinkers to reframe local and global challenges. NSSR remains true to the idea of a school of free inquiry for students and faculty who are willing to take the intellectual and political risks necessary to improve social conditions.

George Washington University

Committed to creating a greater world, George Washington University (GW) is a global, comprehensive research institution. GW partners with community-based organizations, city leaders, industry and other academic peers in the U.S. and around the world to investigate some of the world’s most complex challenges and help foster important discoveries and innovations.

Zak Williams

Mental health advocate, entrepreneur and son of actor and comedian Robin Williams, Zak Williams has been extensively involved in championing the improvement of mental health care for years, including being co-author of “How 988 Will Transform America’s Approach to Mental Health” for Time magazine. He has also been involved as U.S. trustee of United for Global Mental Health and as a board member of mental health awareness and advocacy nonprofit, Bring Change 2 Mind, founded by Glenn Close.

Your gift to Miller-Dwan Foundation supports the creation of a healthy, resilient region that is free from mental health crisis—be the force for good.

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Together we will realize our shared vision of a community free from mental health crisis.