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Drawing Close to Nature

08-04-2021 at 10:25 am…

My dad lived on a farm for most of life. He came to Solvay Hospice House and the night before he died, a doe and her fawn were standing outside his sliding glass door in his room, looking in. Also, a skunk was noted outside at the same time, eating grass. My dad said, “Close the door!” You see, my dad didn’t like skunks. Never had. The skunk got the last of him!

The following morning, the 4th of August, he was actively dying with labored breathing and taking his last few breaths. At that moment, the doe came back and stood in the doorway, looking into his room. The doe stood there. We told my dad the doe was out there. He turned and looked right at it, and right then, he took his final breath. We took this moment all in, and are thankful for such a beautiful, peaceful experience here at Solvay.

Written by daughter, the morning of her father’s death.

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