The Force for Good:
40 Years of Behavioral Health - A Journey of Compassion and Impact

The tables have turned and now the usual host of The Force for Good podcast, Rick Gertsema, is in the hot seat!

Join Traci Marciniak, Miller-Dwan Foundation President,  as she talks with Rick, Senior Mental Health Advisor at the Miller-Dwan Foundation, about his 40-year career in behavioral health and his passion for helping people.

Traci and Rick discuss the importance of creating a scalable mental health workforce to address the mental health crisis. Rick highlights the PM+ program, developed by the World Health Organization, as a way to provide effective care through trained non-specialists. He emphasizes the value of compassion, gold standard care, and the power of relationships in transforming mental health care.

Rick’s commitment, passion, and intuition make him an integral part of the foundation’s efforts to eliminate the mental health crisis.

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Together we will realize our shared vision of a community free from mental health crisis.