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Living with an injury or illness can feel so very limiting. Likewise, finding a treatment that offers hope for renewal can be oh-so-liberating.


It’s why the surgical care that takes place in the Miller-Dwan Building on the Essentia Health-Duluth campus makes such an impact. In this high-touch, state-of-the-art environment, our region’s most sought-after specialists combine the latest technologies and training, funded in part by the Miller-Dwan Foundation.


The aim: to help people get back to a full life – whether they need a repair to the skin, eyes, nose, ears, bones or beyond. Just ask orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Justin Cummins. In the past two years, he’s performed hip arthroscopy surgery in the Miller-Dwan Building that helped four local young women return to their school dance line.


Each girl had been struggling with persistent joint pain caused by Femoral Acetabular Impingement (FAI), a condition in which abnormally shaped hip bones rub together causing damage to the joint. The problem can be exacerbated in athletically active people who work the hip joint more vigorously, resulting in pain at a younger than the expected age. Thankfully, arthroscopic hip surgery helps correct the join problem with just three small incisions. This relatively new procedure replaces a complex open surgical approach that requires longer recuperative times.


“All of the young ladies were able to return to dancing and all their normal activity after a six-week post-op recovery period,” says Dr. Cummins, who has performed more than 270 hip arthroscopy procedures. “We are lucky to have Miller-Dwan Foundation grants that invest heavily in surgery’s ability to provide the latest technology.”


A gift to the Miller-Dwan Foundation designated to Surgical Services guarantees that the people of our region receive the very best in comprehensive surgical care. Your gift will support:


  • Equipment: Advances in medical technology change rapidly. Your support helps pay for highly specialized state-of-the-art equipment to provide the best care and best outcomes for patients.


  • Education: Highly skilled staff is critical to a patient’s ability to heal and recover. Ongoing training assures that each staff member has the up-to-the-minute knowledge needed to maintain and foster those skills.


  • Local care: The level of care that happens in the Miller-Dwan Building is unmatched, and making it available requires a substantial investment. Your support assures that the best care remains available right here, right now, right where we live.

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