Surgical Services

Helping people get back to a full life.

The surgical care that takes place in the Miller-Dwan Building makes an impact. In this high-touch, state-of-the-art environment our region’s most sought-after specialists combine their training with the latest technologies, funded in part by Miller-Dwan Foundation.

Ensuring the best care is close to home

Innovative surgical approaches take place right here for cancer, injury, repair of the skin, eyes, nose, ears, bones and beyond.

Supporting Surgical Services

A gift to Miller-Dwan Foundation designated to Surgical Services helps the people of our region receive the highest quality, comprehensive surgical care. You gift will support:

Equipment. Advances in medical technology change rapidly. Your support helps pay for highly specialized state-of-the-art equipment to provide the best care and the best outcomes for patients.

Education. Highly-skilled staff members are critical to a patient’s ability to heal and recover. Ongoing training ensures that each staff member has the latest knowledge needed to maintain and foster those skills.

Local Care. The level of care that happens in the Miller-Dwan Building is unmatched. Making it available requires substantial investment. Your support ensures that the best care remains available right here.

Surgical Services, FAQs

Surgery is a field filled with innovation. As robotics and other high-tech advances become available, surgeons have access to new devices and new surgical techniques that allow them to extend their knowledge and their capabilities to heal. 

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Time, technology and advancements in treatment greatly affect patient outcomes. It is important that we ensure the people of our region have the opportunity to experience the healthiest outcomes by having access to state-of-the-art care close to home.

So you broke your leg. In three places, no less. Playing soccer. And the season has only just begun. We know what you’re thinking. This is the end. My last season ever. I’ll never play again.

Well, think again.

The Miller-Dwan Foundation doesn’t support surgical services just so you can give up on your favorite sport. We don’t pay thousands of dollars for the very best surgical equipment so that people can live a life that is less than they planned. No. Nope, we are not into mediocrity. We are in to living. We support surgical services so you, your friends, your family members, loved ones, and our entire community can enjoy their lives in exactly the way they want. We’re an independent bunch up here in the Northland. So we understand that whether it’s out walking our dog (or ski-jouring!), climbing to the top of Ely’s Peak, or sailing fast through the harbor, you want to do what you want to do.

The Miller-Dwan Foundation has a long history of supporting surgical care. From the time the hospital was Miller-Dwan Medical Center right through to today, surgery has been one of focus areas. We’ve helped create new surgical suites. We’ve purchased that stretcher, that giant stainless steel light, those heated blankets. And we’ve upgraded technology – a never-ending expense. And we continue to do that with your help. If you or a family member have been a recipient of surgical care at Miller-Dwan, consider a gift in honor of your surgeon, in celebration of your favorite nurse, or in recognition of the anesthesiologist who gave you a sweet ride through the surgical process without an ounce of pain. You went in broken and you came out fixed!

Chances are you won’t recognize your surgical team on the street. (Without their hats and masks, none of us do.) But they’ll notice you – yeah you, wearing your soccer uniform. They’ll quietly go about their business, smiling inside knowing they helped get back to things you love.

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