With trust, courage and support, we can navigate the mental health journey together.

Family Resource Center

Everyone deserves a chance to find hope and help. It’s why Miller-Dwan Foundation created and sustains the Family Resource Center at Amberwing – Center for Youth & Family Well-Being.

We’re available:

Monday through Friday from 8am–4pm

We can help if you:

have questions about where to find support or services

are looking for others who can relate to what you’re going through

need a roadmap for your journey as a parent, child, family or individual

You’ll find:

free family support and trusted information from an experienced mental health professional

opportunities to attend community education programs and parent forums

information about liaison service between schools, programs, providers, youth and families

Providing Support FAQs

When a loved one is suffering with a mental health issue, family members can help by providing love, empathy and encouragement. Understanding that they are not alone can provide people with the strength they need to seek help.

  • I’m here for you.
  • How can I help?
  • What is the best way I can support you?
  • I love you.

Each person is different and will experience their own unique issues; however, the more you understand what your loved one is going through, the more you’ll be able to help. If your loved one has been diagnosed with a specific mental health disorder, read about the symptoms, causes and treatments, as well as myths and misconceptions. 

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