Traci Marciniak


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“Being a force for good is often the same as being a force for what’s right. I take my role in ensuring the best healthcare is available to everyone in our region very seriously. Everyone—it doesn’t matter who you are—needs good healthcare. And everyone deserves it.”

Joan Oswald

Operations Director

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“For me, being a force for good means accepting people for who they are, striving to truly understand and helping if given the opportunity. In my work, it means creating opportunities to help people live, grow and be as healthy as they can be.”

Rick Gertsema

Senior Mental Health Specialist

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“The force for good is the movement, momentum and the spirit to drive forward and connect, for the improvement of the greater community.”

Kerry Jo Johnson

Foundation Marketing Specialist

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“The force for good is determination, compassion and kindness combined to collaboratively improve the greater good.”

Deb Carl

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Kathy Makkyla

Development Associate

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“Being the force for good means being there for our family, friends and community when they need it the most. Connecting them to resources and tools to help them live healthier lives moving forward is just one example of this endeavor. It’s an honor to be part of a team that embraces this calling.”

Lori Thrun

Behavioral Health Program Manager Amberwing

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“To be the force for good is to seize opportunities to make positive changes in the lives of those who surround us. It is having the passion for making our friends, our neighbors, our communities feel valued and have hope.”

Lou Ann

Chief Happiness Specialist

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Eric Larson

Program Manager, Northland Adaptive Recreation

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Mark Hanna

Program Specialist, Northland Adaptive Recreation

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Tyler Vandal

Program Coordinator, Northland Adaptive Recreation

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