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Amberwing - Center for Youth & Family


To contact Amberwing directly, please call (218) 355-2100 or visit www.amberwing.org
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After the much anticipated opening of Solvay Hospice House in 2007, the Miller-Dwan Foundation Board of Directors embarked on a journey to identify a significant healthcare need in our region that would benefit greatly from charitable support. After hearing from medical and other professionals throughout our community and reviewing community health statistics, children’s mental health and chemical dependency rose to the top of the list of needs. The Foundation then convened a group of professionals and parents who passionately believed all children should be happy and allowed to flourish. They envisioned a transformation of mental health and chemical dependency care and the idea of Amberwing was born. In 2012, Amberwing became a reality through generous gifts from our community totaling more than $6,000,000.

Amberwing is now a vibrant outpatient center that provides children, adolescents and young adults with intensive, therapeutic mental health and chemical dependency care, and families with the education and support they need to help their children heal.

Amberwing aims to break the paradigm of the traditional hospital, reduce stigma and provide effective care that integrates innovative, family-focused services for young people from birth to age 25. Set in a restful wooded area, the 25,800-square-foot center provides a friendly and welcoming environment for growth and healing and advances the mental health and chemical dependency care standard in our region.

Participants are divided into four programming groups—in separate building wings—geared to their development level: pre-kindergarten to grade 5, grades 6-8, grades 9-12 and an intensive outpatient evening program that provides care for young adults ages 18-25. The intensive day therapy for children, youth and teens consists of one- to three-week outpatient programs, with five hours of evidence-based psychotherapeutic care as well as two hours of school each day. Special education teachers from Duluth public schools are available to assure students stay on track and experience seamless transitions between Amberwing and their schools. The intensive therapy evening program for young adults ages 18-25 meets for three hours, three times per week over the course of approximately four weeks.

In every Amberwing program, care is unique to each individual and family with a special clinical focus on keeping patients, parents and therapists closely connected throughout the process for the best results. Chemical dependency education and spirituality can be incorporated on an individual basis.

Three of four wings at Amberwing each include a kitchen, group therapy room, family meeting space, classroom and computer lab. The fourth wing contains alternative therapy spaces, including art, music, sensory integration and yoga. The center also offers a conference room, community education room, spiritual center and multiple gathering areas.

In addition, the Amberwing Family Resource Center is a comprehensive hub that provides free, professional advice to parents, families and community members throughout the entire region who are seeking information and greater mental wellness. The Resource Center also offers community education, parent forums, support groups and liaison services between schools, programs, providers, youth and families.

Many of Amberwing’s innovative therapies only happen because of continued charitable support. Gifts given to the Miller-Dwan Foundation for Amberwing are earmarked to guarantee that kids and families will continue to receive the one-of-a-kind, top-notch mental health and chemical dependency care only offered at Amberwing.

You can make a gift to Amberwing by clicking here. To learn more about Amberwing care, volunteering, tours, referrals and staff, visit www.amberwing.org or call (218) 355-2100.

The Miller-Dwan Foundation developed and owns Amberwing and is committed to continued charitable support of the center and its programs. Essentia Health Duluth operates the facility and provides the mental health and chemical dependency services within.