Steady: A Letter from the President


The term “unprecedented” has been used frequently over the past year—and with good reason. The disruption the COVID-19 pandemic has had on a global scale has been something the majority of us have never seen or experi- enced in our lifetimes. It served as a wake-up call, showing each and every one of us the fragility of so many facets of our lives, including our own health and that of the ones we love, and certainly our healthcare systems that we rely on to care for and cure us.

Since 1973, people throughout the region have trusted the Miller-Dwan Foundation to be a steadfast organization, and they’ve supported every action we’ve taken to ensure your friends and neighbors have access to the best, specialized healthcare available. Throughout the upheaval of the past year, we all witnessed moments of strength and steadiness. In the case of the Miller-Dwan Foundation, we looked to our supporters and our mission to guide us when the world, our region, and our lives felt
chaotic and uncertain. While COVID-19 is a health crisis all its own, its presence didn’t eliminate the need to care for patients who require physical rehabilitation, mental health and substance use, burn, cancer, and other types of care to be well and flourish. As time moves on, we are only starting to recognize how deeply COVID has, and will continue to, impact all areas of healthcare. By standing firm and steady, and because of the generosity of our supporters, the Miller-Dwan Foundation is well-prepared to weather what comes next and take whatever steps are necessary to provide the best possible care for the people in our region.



Traci Marciniak                         Jennifer Carey

President                                     2020 Board Chair