POS+ABILITY: Polinsky Expansion Campaign


Raising $2 million for our region’s rehabilitative care.

Together, we can make it positively possible.



For many people, Polinsky is a best kept secret – until they need it. But with just $300,000 of our $2M campaign left to complete, it’s clear our community understands.

In recognition of the need for additional space and a fresh new look, the Miller-Dwan Foundation initiated the Polinsky Medical Rehabilitation Center POS+Ability Campaign. Designed to expand, enhance and physically move the center from its decades-long downtown location, the new Polinsky Medical Rehabilitation Center has become the advanced-care healing space that reflects what happens inside — highly-specialized, nationally recognized care that offers the possibility of recovery for some of our region’s most highly compromised patients.

To give the kind of care, Polinsky brings together teams of skilled and compassionate providers. They’re physiatrists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech language pathologists, psychologists, social workers, canine therapists and beyond. And their diverse set of medical and therapeutic abilities combine to bring out the best in each person the team treats.

The Polinsky Medical Rehabilitation Center, now located in the Miller Hill Health Plaza provides:

· The latest technology and equipment

· Space for additional specialized care clinicians

· Reduced wait times

· Convenient parking options

· Miracles every day

To do that, the team needs a safe, healing environment, specialized tools and technologies and ongoing training.

We’ve always lifted up the areas of health care in our region that serve great need and return greater impacts. Now, as we turn our attention to the children and adults who use the new Polinsky Rehabilitation Center, we look to you to help put the final touches on the Center. Your gift, large or small will provide each patient the individualized care they need. In

doing so, you’ll show the world what’s possible when a community believes in its ability to nurture the best in each other.


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