Physical Rehabilitation (Polinsky & Miller-Dwan)


There is nothing commonplace about the work done in rehabilitation. Every day, the specialized staff at the Miller-Dwan and Polinsky Buildings of Essentia Health goes above and beyond with dedication, skill and compassion. Every day, patients here put forth heroic efforts to be well again. It takes great commitment and hope. And it works.


That’s especially true in the Miller-Dwan and Polinsky rehabilitation settings. With leading accreditation from CARF (Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities), the care here is ranked among the best in the United States. Known for highly effective treatments and dedicated staff, this is where hundreds of children and adults from across the region are cared for each year.


These patients have experienced a traumatic illness or injury, resulting in a diminished or complete loss of function. Yet miracles happen here every day when the right care is paired with the encouragement and guidance of the specially trained staff. Patients learn to walk or use their arms again. They learn to communicate visually or verbally. They learn to swallow and enjoy simple pleasures that are so often times taken for granted when you are able-bodied.


“One specific tool doesn’t work for all patients. With your support, we are able to purchase many tools for our toolbox to care for many different patients,”
Dr. Skip Silvestrini, Physiatrist.


A gift to the Miller-Dwan Foundation guarantees these miracles will continue. Your gift will support:


  • Equipment and Programming: Advances in medical technology change rapidly. To provide the best outcomes for patients, the latest equipment and cutting-edge care programs are a must.


  • Education: Highly-skilled staff is critical to a patient’s ability to get well, and ongoing training makes such expertise possible. From new physical and occupational therapy techniques to care focused on a person’s emotional and spiritual needs, the staff here works closely with patients to overcome their greatest challenges.


  • Independence: Being well again means living life to its fullest. Care extends beyond the walls of the medical center with activities designed to help patients integrate back into their communities and lives. Patients relearn everyday activities they participated in prior to their injury or illness, and have the opportunity to try new things that can become lifelong hobbies moving forward.


The most advanced care comes with a high price tag. But we all know, no price can be put on a person’s health and independence, nor on the belief that a miracle, no matter how large or small, is still within possibility. That’s why the Miller-Dwan Foundation is here with a mission of supporting physical rehabilitation. With the help of generous donors throughout our region, countless advances in care have occurred over the years and thousands of lives have been changed. Join with us. Together we will ensure miracles can continue to happen.


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