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Your gifts at work – Messages of gratitude from former to in-coming Amberwing patients. This is why we support youth mental health.

Poor Reimbursement Many U.S. citizens face significant mental health barriers based on where they live. If you’re a Minnesotan, for example, the government will pay more for your mental health care than it would if you live in Wisconsin. This has been a real problem for Wisconsin where low reimbursement rates lead to the closure […]

Super One Foods Promotion Supports Solvay Hospice House In celebration of National Hospice Month, and for the twelfth consecutive year, Super One Foods and the Miller-Dwan Foundation are partnering to raise funds for Solvay Hospice House. From November 3-23, 2019, sixteen regional Super One stores will be selling $1 paper house ornaments for customers to […]

I go through the same routine every year. Order a dress, send it back. Order another one and send it back. It’s my annual ARTcetera calamity, and it’s because ARTcetera, our region’s largest fundraiser, is for me, such a big deal.   I didn’t grow up wearing dresses and attending parties. I grew up fishing […]

When was the last time you lost your voice? Were you ever worried it might not come back? It happens sometimes for a variety of reasons –– trauma, stroke, tumor. People who use their voices for a living or who shout or scream frequently are at particular risk. An SLP may be able to help. […]

Meet Robin Madsen, Nurse of the Year. Robin is an RN at Solvay Hospice House and we had the opportunity to sit down with her to ask her about her journey to this prestigious award. What does winning the Nurse of the Year award mean to you? It honestly means, we have a God who […]