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Your gifts at work – Messages of gratitude from former to in-coming Amberwing patients. This is why we support youth mental health.

This is officially the winter that will never end. Shoveling and more shoveling, a sideways slide down the hilly avenue, and yet again, another day of boots, hats, mittens and scarves. It can get a little old. But the Miller-Dwan Foundation staff have a few strategies that might help.   Try something new. I attended […]

Sometimes people die at Solvay. Sometimes they go home. That’s because, in addition to providing the very best in humane and compassionate care for people at the end of life, Solvay also provides respite care for those enrolled in a hospice program.   Respite is just a fancy word for taking a break. Respite care […]

Most of us are familiar with telehealth or telemedicine––the provision of healthcare through technology. Someone living in far rural Minnesota, could, for example, access a psychiatrist from Duluth via telemedicine. Someone who’s heart needs to be monitored may do so electronically through the phone without visiting the doctor’s office.  Telepresence, on the other hand, offers […]

I think about Solvay Hospice House and hospice services every day. But that’s probably only because I work at the Miller-Dwan Foundation. The Miller-Dwan Foundation owns the 12-bed Solvay Hospice House and works every day to assure that it and its care program will continue well into the future. Sustaining Solvay, however, is not the […]

You know that feeling you have after having been sick? Maybe you’ve been in bed for days or you’ve been trundling around in last week’s pajamas. You have no energy, and the last thing you feel like doing is dragging yourself to the shower. But when you finally do, you feel better. At Solvay Hospice […]