With a simple gift, bestowed more than 40 years ago, Mary C. Dwan showed she understood that quality healthcare should be available to everyone. Chances are, when she left the heartfelt gift that created the Miller-Dwan Foundation, she had no idea just how far-reaching the impact would be.


Thanks to Mrs. Dwan’s foresight, the Miller-Dwan Foundation has been with you every step of the way, identifying healthcare needs and rallying people throughout our region to assure dramatic improvements in care. Her gift has allowed us to directly support physical rehabilitation, cancer and burn care, as well as mental health and other care areas both here in our healthcare system and in the community. It has allowed us to investigate healthcare needs and be creative and flexible in meeting those needs through philanthropy.


The Caring Ways Cancer Resource Center, Solvay Hospice House, and Amberwing-Center for Youth & Family Well-Being are very visible examples of our region’s generosity and also our Innovations Fund at work, providing us with the stability and resources to envision a new way to provide care and take the steps to make it happen.


Since the time of Mrs. Dwan’s gift, healthcare has changed dramatically. And those changes have affected all of us, including you and your family, friends and neighbors. Just as healthcare needs continue to surface at a rapid rate, so does the demand for philanthropy. We must now grow our Innovations Fund to help meet that demand. Unrestricted funds like the Innovations Fund generate critical ongoing income used for multiple purposes. It gives us the chance to be creative and explore not-yet-defined possibilities in healthcare and support longstanding effective programs.


A gift to the Miller-Dwan Foundation, designated to Innovations, will permit us to act, to find solutions, to change reality-and believe in the promise of a new tomorrow. Your gift will support:


    • Existing high-quality programs and services: Programs and services related to our specialty areas, both in the hospital and throughout the region, make a clear and powerful difference in the lives of the people served.


    • Long-term stability: Maintaining strength despite economic fluctuations and hardships ensures we can be here for you long into the future.


    • The promise of a healthy future: When we can creatively explore new ways of healing, it allows the region’s healthcare to improve for all of us.


The future of healthcare in our region truly depends on all of us who live here today. When you give to the Miller-Dwan Foundation’s Innovations Fund, you help make dramatic improvements in healthcare and give people from throughout our region a fighting chance. You help people learn to walk or talk again, give children the tools they need to thrive, and offer the end-of-life dignity everyone deserves.


Help us to respond in the most innovative ways.

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