Funds & Deadlines


The next deadline is March 1, 2021.



The goal of the Miller-Dwan Foundation is to improve people’s health and wellness both locally and in our surrounding region. We encourage and support healthy lifestyles while prioritizing larger healthcare-related collaborative efforts for greater systemic impact. We support community and hospital-based programs, including promising solutions for diagnosed medical conditions that align with our mission.


The next deadline is March 1, 2021.


Our Funding Areas

Healthcare services (vs. human services/social services)

Improved health outcomes

Miller-Dwan Foundation-identified health need initiatives

Related to our focus areas:

Burn, Wound and Pain Care

Cancer Care

Behavioral Health

Physical Rehabilitation

Surgical Services


Who We Fund

Organizations that meet our funding focus

Strong, stable, well-lead organizations

Organizations seeking greater capacity and systemic impact


Eligible Activities Include

Larger collaborative efforts that will reliably maximize multi-entity funding to address systemic change

Program and project support



Talent and training (with a strong preference for local training impacting multiple parties)

Endowment related to the provision of direct healthcare services

Ongoing operating support and/or overhead for programs providing direct health care services w/in our priority areas

Funding that creates capacity and builds staying power


We Do Not Fund

Individuals (aside from Abilities First funding)

Americans with Disabilities Act retrofitting

Building construction

Individual continuing education/conference attendance

Animal research

Services in conflict/competition with hospital programs and priorities

Services deemed overly duplicative

Fundraising activities


Religious organizations for religious activities

Activities where participation is restricted to a specific religion(s)

Debt reduction/retirement

Political organizations or campaigns, lobbying or organizations prioritizing significant legislative influence


To Apply

Please contact Joan Oswald, Donor Relations and Grants Specialist at 218-786-1504 or e-mail Joan at joswald@mdfoundation.org

If you are requesting the opportunity to apply for funding, please provide a brief synopsis of your request, the dollar amount you would like to request and an indication of how you believe your effort fits the priority areas of the Miller-Dwan Foundation.


Map of geographic focus

Geographic Focus

Northeastern Minnesota, Northwestern Wisconsin, and the far western portion of Michigan’s Upper Penninsula