Cancer Care


With a cancer diagnosis, everything changes. You need to know what’s happening, where to find treatment, who to talk to and how to cope. The questions outnumber answers ––even with the best medical care. As one of the region’s leading funders for cancer care, the Miller-Dwan Foundation understands. We understand the physical, emotional and spiritual challenges of the disease, and we are here to help.


Over the years, cancer survival has increased dramatically. New and better treatments are resulting in more positive outcomes. Programs specifically designed to help patients cope with the many and varied side effects of treatment are fostering a better quality of life. In spite of all this good news, however, cancer is still a serious disease – one that causes a great deal of strain on patients and their loved ones.


With your help, the Miller-Dwan Foundation can fund the groundbreaking programs and technologies that alter the course of cancer’s progression and help people deal with its aftereffects. A gift to the Miller-Dwan Foundation, designated to cancer care, helps ease anxieties, offers hope and assures that our region’s patients and families receive the most technologically advanced treatments and reliable information available. Your gift will support:


  • The Caring Ways Cancer Resource Center: Staffed by a cancer care expert, the Resource Center features an array of the most updated books, periodicals, DVD’s and more, explaining the intricate details of cancer. The free resources are available to anyone in the community and can be used on-site in the Duluth Clinic Cancer Center or borrowed for use at home. Caring Ways also serves as a hub for many free survivorship programs that provide support and information to patients and their families.


  • The newest medical advancements to our region: Advances in medical technology changes rapidly. To provide the best outcomes for patients, the latest treatment equipment and cutting-edge care programs are a must.


“The very best cancer care utilizes both technology and compassion. Positive outcomes depend on both,” says Dr. Nikcevich: MD PhD Hematology Oncology at Essentia Health. “It’s why Miller-Dwan Foundation support has been so crucial, for so long, in maintaining the best cancer care for our region.”


Such leading-edge care comes with a high price tag – whether it’s an innovative therapy and support program, like Cancer Rehabilitation, or the most advanced radiation technology. But what’s the cost of doing nothing? As we all know, no price can be put on a person’s health, and no one should go through their cancer journey alone. You can help. When you give to the Miller-Dwan Foundation, you change everything.


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