Burn Care


It’s the People


As two-year-old Charlie passed by the stove, his small hand reached up for the pan, and in an instant, hot grease poured down to his face and arm. When he came to the Miller-Dwan Burn Center, he was one scared boy. Even simple medical equipment terrified him. Three weeks later, when Charlie and his family returned for follow-up care, he joyfully ran to his former room, visiting with the Burn Center team along the way.


From the medical staff on the floor to the administrators down the hall, everyone had come to know and care about Charlie. The careful, compassionate care they provided set the stage for him to get through a traumatic, potentially disfiguring experience and go on to become a very well adjusted, happy little boy.


It’s a level of in-depth care people have come to expect at the 15-bed regional burn care facility, a 5-Star award winner for patient satisfaction. And it’s a community lifeline as the only burn center serving hundreds of miles of fairly desolate country, including Isle Royale and the Boundary Waters Canoe Area. The Dwan Burn Center is also the closest burn unit for portions of North and South Dakota, serving five states.


The success stories here, including Charlie’s, are maximized by very specific, very specialized medical equipment. Yet what really stands out are the people-the nurses, physicians, therapists, social workers and dieticians who pour their hearts and souls into their patients.


A gift to the Miller-Dwan Foundation designated to Burn Care guarantees that this unique, critical care service remains in our region. Your gift will support:


  • Specialized equipment: Advances in burn treatment change rapidly. To provide the best outcomes for patients, the latest equipment and cutting-edge care programs are a must.


  • Education: The unprecedented quality of care in the Burn Center lets people know they are in the best of hands. That starts with a specially trained staff who work with patients of all ages to overcome their greatest challenges.


The level of compassionate care offered at the Miller Dwan Burn Center is difficult to put into words. But over and over again, people say that if they had a choice, they would choose to be cared for by the people in this facility. Your gift can make it happen.


Support one of the few remaining highly specialized burn units in the upper tier of the United States.

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