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Polinsky Rehabilitation Center: Annual Report 2017

Polinsky Rehabilitation Center The more work you put in, the more you get out. It’s the theory behind what takes place every day in the Polinsky Rehabilitation Center and at Miller-Dwan Rehabilitation, where people routinely put herculean efforts into recovering from a stroke, brain illness or spinal cord injury—often over the course of months or […]

Speech Language Pathologist

When was the last time you lost your voice? Were you ever worried it might not come back? It happens sometimes for a variety of reasons –– trauma, stroke, tumor. People who use their voices for a living or who shout or scream frequently are at particular risk. An SLP may be able to help. […]

What is Your Favorite Music?

What’s your favorite music? We used to believe that it was classical music that made us smarter. Today, thanks to more than 25 years of research, we know that whether it’s rock ‘n’ roll, jazz, hip-hop or classical, your gray matter prefers the same music you do. And it doesn’t just impact your smarts. Music can […]