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Kevin: Processing The Last Transition of Life

Watch a video about the Chederquist family.   Kevin Chederquist remembers when he and his wife, Kristin, embraced life’s uncertainty and took a bold step: selling everything they owned and moving to China. The couple felt called in their faith to make a brave change by returning to the country where they had adopted their […]

Abby: Learning to Cope Ahead

 Watch the video to see Abby’s transformation!   How do people manage the emotional turmoil caused by a traumatic life event? The kind of pain that surfaces at unexpected moments, splashing into life and relationships without warning. For the Fermenich family, their saying is: “Take a deep breath and just keep swimming.” Tune into […]

Kale: Autism After 21: Living Independently

 Watch a video about Kale’s experience.   Like so many 21-year-olds, Kale Pierson loves movies, hanging with friends and chilling by the lake. He also loves his family and any chance he gets to tinker with a mechanical challenge at the family tire shop in Carlton with his dad. “He’s very sweet and loving,” […]

Every day is National Philanthropy Day

I like to think every day is National Philanthropy Day… and I’d hazard a guess that Douglas Freeman feels the same. Honestly, I don’t know if many people outside of the non-profit and fundraising world know the story of Douglas Freeman. Douglas Freeman is the reason there is a National Philanthropy Day…a day designed to […]

ARTcetera meets CYBERcetera: A Historical Look Back

Pat Burns remembers the nervous excitement of launching ARTcetera with her team at the Miller-Dwan Foundation. It was 1999 and the Foundation, with its history of high impact medical philanthropy, needed a boost for its efforts to support life-saving treatments and therapies in the region. “What if no one comes?” says Pat, who served as […]

Amberingwing during COVID-19: Virtual therapy, genuine healing

The need for high quality mental health care hasn’t gone away during the COVID-19 pandemic. Anxiety, depression, substance abuse and suicidal thoughts are on the rise. For people of all ages, the signs and symptoms of a treatable mental illness have been heightened by the stresses of social distancing and economic insecurity.   Thankfully, children and […]