Author: Joan Oswald

Buy the Pants

Can Mental Health Care be as Easy as Buying a Pair of Pants? What if you could go to your favorite store and click on the mental health care package of your choice. Let’s say you’ve been feeling depressed for the last two months. Thinking about all the ways you’ve screwed up your life. Let’s […]

Virtual Reality: The Future of Physical Rehabilitation

Here at the Miller-Dwan Foundation, we’re always holding our breath. Holding our breath for the day when those people with spinal cord injuries can walk again, when those who’ve lost a limb can regain feeling and mobility. Then today, I saw this headline: “For the first time in the world, researchers from Sagol Center for […]

Cannabis and the Effects on Teens

Cannabis has been legalized in 18 states. Another 13 have decriminalized it. In Minnesota, it is illegal for recreational use, but decriminalized for possession of 42.5 grams or less. We’ll talk more about what that amount may mean. In Wisconsin, cannabis is also illegal for recreational use, but there’s a strong push to legalize it. […]

NOcetera = YES Mental Health

ARTcetera is no joke! Proceeds from the Miller-Dwan Foundation’s annual gala has created lifechanging health impacts for thousands of people from throughout our region­­. Through gala support we’ve created the Caring Ways Cancer Center, the Abilities First Fund, Solvay Hospice House and Amberwing – Center for Youth & Family Well-Being. We’ve supported the Adult Inpatient […]

Celebrate Doctors

They save our lives, birth our children, and sit with us when we die. They ease our pain, hear our concerns, and celebrate our healing. Doctors. They build their lives around helping us, and now, especially now, they deserve all we have to offer. I grew up with a small-town doc, and I can still […]