Author: Joan Oswald

Celebrate Doctors

They save our lives, birth our children, and sit with us when we die. They ease our pain, hear our concerns, and celebrate our healing. Doctors. They build their lives around helping us, and now, especially now, they deserve all we have to offer. I grew up with a small-town doc, and I can still […]

Making Your Mark

The Silver Brook Township Cemetery is a sight to behold. To the East, a white pine grove greets the morning sun. To the north, horses roam the same field that in year’s past, a llama or two called home.  Over the many years I’ve lived here, I’ve eyeballed this tiny final resting space. Is it […]

Be our Underdog

Remember Underdog, the blue-caped humble and lovable superhero cartoon dog of the 1960’s? If you missed that era, here’s a brief rundown: By day, Underdog lived the life of the bespectacled Shoeshine Boy complete with a big black nose and long floppy ears. But when villains threatened, Shoeshine Boy ducked into a telephone booth where […]

No Matter Your Age, You Should have a Will

Do you know exactly when you will die? If the answer is, “no,” then you should have a will. Whether you’re 27 or 82, a will can save your loved one’s additional distress after you’re gone. And if you’re a parent of children, having a will is doubly important. Yes, we’re talking about a will […]

Giving Intensive Support for Intense Mental Health Needs

When it comes to helping people deal with a life-threatening mental health crisis, there’s one place in northern Minnesota that treats more patients, more intensively, than anywhere else. The 38-bed Adult Behavioral Health Unit in Essentia Health’s Miller-Dwan Building sees patients diagnosed with mental illness from throughout Minnesota, northern Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of […]