ARTcetera 2022


ARTcetera 2022

THURSDAY, September 22, 2022 at The Garden in Canal Park.

with special guest: Nora McInerny!

It’s time to think BIG. It’s time to rival COVID by taking care of the kids, families, and adults in our community. And it’s time to have some FUN! Over the last two years, the pandemic compounded the need for mental health care for all ages to crisis levels. Yes, CRISIS levels. You know it. I know it. We all know it. Now, with your support, we’re going to do something about it.

With a staunch recommitment to the mental health of our region, the Miller-Dwan Foundation looks to you for your support. Together we can determine where we can curb the crisis.

You + the Miller-Dwan Foundation = Groundbreaking Impact.

By joining us for a fun and exclusive evening, you’ll be on the cutting edge of new and remarkable ways to bring more hope and healing into the open.

You + the Miller-Dwan Foundation + FUN = Saving Lives!

Speaking to audiences ranging from business schools and corporations to community and healthcare organizations, Nora uses her personal story about living through loss, grief, change and new beginnings to connect with audiences on a deeply personal and universally human level. A master storyteller, Nora connects with millions through her authentic and relatable portrayal of shared human experiences.

Though she addresses challenging and uncomfortable topics like death, loss, illness, mental health and trauma, she does so with a light touch, disarming humor and wit that break down the barriers that often isolate people who are going through adversity and change.

Her unforgettable talks inspire audiences to face and conquer any obstacle—with a redefined, more accessible version of resilience and the strength that comes from knowing that we are not alone.


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Cocktail attire suggested