2021 Annual Report


When we come together to see beyond barriers and despair, we share hope and understanding with those around us. This is what drives the work of the Miller-Dwan Foundation: to see the unseen and address unmet needs. Through your generosity, the Foundation is able to provide the financial support needed to elevate mental health care and physical rehabilitation, provide grace through end-of-life, and bring joy and peace to uncertain times. You can see this humanity in action in the stories of those supported by the Foundation’s work.

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Grace's Story


When Grace’s anxiety became too big to wrap her arms around, she turned to Amberwing – Center for Youth & Family Well-Being. There, she learned the skills to breathe through difficult moments while feeling validated and supported along the way.

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When it feels like everything is closing in at once, who do you entrust with the care of your beloved grandmother—the one who made everyone around her feel so special? For Jessie and her dad Bruce, Solvay Hospice House became a beacon of compassion, understanding, and peace for their Evelyn at the most difficult time.

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Thank you for rising to meet
the needs of our community

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Getting kids in speech therapy to open up and engage isn’t always easy. But having a cheery black Lab retriever there to greet you and learn alongside you can help. That’s what speech pathologist Chelsea hoped for when she sought out a facility dog last year.

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A travel and outdoors enthusiast in his 70s, Eliot had no plans to slow down or cut back on his daily three-mile hikes. Then, a Parkinsonism diagnosis changed everything. With the support of Polinsky Medical Rehabilitation Center, his providers, and his wife Naomi, Eliot made a steadfast commitment that allows him to keep doing what he loves.

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Our Financial Impact

Annual Report Graph

Together in 2021, we responded to our region’s healthcare needs with strong support for innovative, compassionate and effective solutions. See the detailed list of funding

  • Amberwing
  • Spiritual and Staff Care
  • Solvay
  • Burn/Trauma
  • Dialysis
  • Cancer Services
  • Physical Rehabilitation Services
  • Animal Assisted Therapy
  • Mental Health Services
  • Misc.

Total: $1,775,978


ARTcetera 2021 was sadly cancelled due to rising cases of COVID-19. The health and safety of everyone involved was our top priority. And that’s always what matters. Because even though our annual gala celebration had to wait, the cause it supported could not. Last year may have been a “NOcetera” but with your compassionate support, we never stopped saying “YES” to our region’s health.

And we’re happy to report, that with your help, we exceeded our goal and raised $124,000.

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Save the Date: September 22, 2022

The power of
meeting unseen needs

In the most challenging times, our hopes for the future can fade into despair and doubt. This is the moment when coming together to extend support and understanding becomes even more necessary. These stories of persevering in the face of obstacles remind us of what we’re all capable of. Lean into that hope. Lean on each other. Your continued gifts in support of the Miller-Dwan Foundation serve as a beacon to others—thank you for not letting it fade.

unsees - 2022 annual report

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Our shared commitment to tackling both visible and unseen healthcare needs makes a
world of difference.