2020 Annual Report


You see it in those who’ve weathered the worst. And feel it from those who nurture the best. A powerful presence, built out of resilience and compassion. It’s what defines the Miller-Dwan Foundation. And it’s expressed in the stories, lives and healing gifts of those who believe supporting our region’s health is more important than ever before.

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In the face of a storm, resilience

Emotional pain from the past can splash into life and relationships without warning. To brace those waves, the Fermenich family tunes into faith, humor and the tools they learned from Amberwing – Center for Youth & Family Well-Being.

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In the journey of life, grace

Kristin Chederquist embraced some of the biggest challenges with bold love. In the last days of her life, Solvay Hospice House offered Kristin and her family space to experience dignity, comfort and peace.

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Thank you for helping steady lives
and our region's health.

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In the time of upheaval, support

When your world is changing fast, both inside and around you, it helps to have the right people and skills to lean on. Kale Pierson and his family found that at just the right time.

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In the midst of a pandemic, healing

COVID-19 knocked Wayne down, hard and fast. Over the next 3 months, he slowly got back up with the steady help of a dedicated team of rehabilitation specialists who were learning, like the rest of the world, how to adjust during a pandemic.

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Our Financial Impact

2020 Financials Chart

Together in 2020, we responded to our region’s healthcare needs with strong support for innovative, compassionate and effective solutions. See the detailed list of funding

  • Amberwing
  • Mental Health
  • Solvay
  • Cancer Care
  • Rehabilitation Services
  • Spiritual Care
  • Burn Services
  • Misc

Total: $1,821,729


ARTcetera, the region’s signature annual party with purpose, had a dramatically different look and feel in 2020. Yet generous supporters made sure the event continued its legacy of creating a dramatic and lasting impact. The first ever Miller-Dwan Foundation virtual ARTcetera, or CyberCetera as we lovingly called it, raised more than $300,000 for new and innovative programming for Amberwing’s youth. These funds allowed us to begin preventing and addressing those mental health and substance abuse problems that so many of our region’s kids are facing – now more than ever amid the stresses of the pandemic.

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Steady for our
region's health

In a world with too much illness and isolation, there’s never been a greater need for hope and healing. It’s why the Miller-Dwan Foundation exists. It’s what your powerful generosity makes possible. The stories in this report reflect the impant our generous donors and friends continue to have, no matter what the world throws our way. Amid an unprecedented pandemic, your support is a testimony to resilience, bravery, and love. And to resolutely believing that our missing to support healing across the region matters now more than ever before.

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The term “unprecedented” has been used frequently over the past year – and with good reason.