At the Miller-Dwan Foundation, we take the time to truly understand our region’s health care needs ––your needs and the needs of your family, your friends and your neighbors.


From the Caring Ways Cancer Resource Center and Solvay Hospice House to Amberwing – Center for Youth & Family Well-Being, the Miller-Dwan Foundation bravely develops solutions to our region’s most challenging healthcare problems.


The Miller-Dwan Foundation is committed to addressing the long-term needs of our region. We work to transform, enrich and save lives by sustaining vital existing programs like the Nat G. Polinsky Medical Rehabilitation Center, the Dwan Burn Center and countless community efforts.

You can trust that we will be both prudent and daring in supporting existing needs and exploring the unknown. Because the future of our region, our health and our families rely on each of us realizing the power we hold today. With more than $32,000,000 invested in area programs, projects and initiatives, we take care of those you care about.

This is our responsibility and our privilege.